What’s Inside an Aussie Christmas?

aussie Christmas

An Aussie Christmas is far from the White Christmas you constantly hear about in songs. If you are accustomed to the European traditions of cinnamon, gingerbread and nutmeg, well that’s not what an Aussie Christmas offers. There’s no snow to walk on that sometimes some Christmas traditions can be found in July celebrations because the weather is similar to that of the northern hemisphere but not in every place though.

The writing of cards in scenes of ice and snow, skating in lakes of ice and even reindeer images is still popular in Australia. The Santa Claus wearing a thick red coat, hat and boots that we’re used to seeing in the TV is not what you’ll find in an Aussie Christmas, what you’ll find is a Santa Claus wearing sunscreen, board shorts and a hat, all geared up for surfing.

An Aussie Christmas is filled with the tradition of carols by candlelight. You’ll find a lot of this especially weeks nearing Christmas time in towns and cities in Australia. The sounds of cicadas on those hot days are a sign that Christmas is very near. Not to mention that the rise in temperature is also very unavoidable and much felt.

As for Aussie Christmas food traditions, turkey and other roasted vegetables and the famous gravy are not so popular. Prawns make up for the barbecue with lemon wedge and ice, fresh fish, green salad, a bowl of beetroot with onions and also some asparagus. Aside from that, you can also find sausages and lamb chops if the household can afford it.

After lunch, you should have packed your rubber sandals, sunscreen, cricket bats and balls, beach towel and bathing suits, because going to the beach to have some fun during Christmas is a really popular activity. The said outing won’t also be complete without the beers and wine. If not a beach outing, there’s the Boxing Day.

Yes the Aussie Christmas is different from the White Christmas, but hey, it doesn’t one bit rob us of the joy Christmas itself brings!

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