The Best Christmas Songs All Over the World

best Christmas songs

Whatever genre of Christmas songs you’re listening to, it has never failed in their goal of setting the mood for a Christmas celebration. When we listen to Christmas songs, it’s so hard to not put a smile because we find ourselves looking back at the wonderful memories we had and the memories we long to create this season.

Even with the abundance of food and the well-decorated Christmas tree, without Christmas songs our holidays will be dull. We have rounded up the best Christmas songs the whole world has already listened to, you ready? A word of caution though, they will bring back good memories.  

The Best Christmas Songs All Over the World

1. Al Martino’s We Wish You a Merry Christmas

This song is an all-time favorite. It’s no wonder that it’s on the list of best Christmas songs. No matter what generation you came from, this song is a testimony of how wonderful the Christmas season is

2. Dean Martin’s White Christmas

Anyone dreaming of a White Christmas? This song promotes quiet moments with family members. You can sit down and relax to this beautiful song depicting the beauty of a white Christmas.

3. Silent Night

This song best describes what happened during the birth of Jesus Christ. You’ll usually hear this being sung by church choirs.

4. Aled Jones’ Walking in the Air

The song talks about the wonderful happiness that Christmas season brings. If you’re feeling all romantic, this song expresses that feeling of yours best.

5. Eve Bosewell’s The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree plays a very significant role in the celebration of the season. Because of that, you can’t blame the composer for dedicating this entire song to it. You can listen to this song as you start setting up that tree of yours.

You can hear different versions of these songs. But whatever rendition has been made, I bet all of you will agree that these are the best Christmas songs of all time. Make sure you’ve got that Christmas playlist set up already for a true welcome of the season.

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