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Celebrate the Holidays with a Southern-style Christmas Dish

Southern-style Christmas dish

A Southern-style Christmas dish is perfect to warm up your home. Prepare two buffets, one for appetizers, the next one is for the main meal. To make the whole thing more colorful, prepare a class of champagne and with some pomegranate juice and seeds. For desserts, complete your Southern-style Christmas dish with pecan pie with vanilla ice cream or a bowl of ambrosia with fruits that are in season.

If the preparation intimidates you, we advise you to prepare the Christmas dishes two days before ...

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A Holiday Superfood for a “Super You” this Christmas

holiday superfood

Christmas is surely the nightmare of people who are on a calorie budget. Sweet treats like cookies are present and the almost never-ending parties at home and in the office seems to be an impossible feat for a person who wants to reduce in size. However, a holiday superfood is food we can actually count on so we can resist the temptation of the delectable and yet unhealthy food set before us and yet still be able to enjoy some goodies.

Sweet Potatoes

This is the first on the list...

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Holiday Baking of Butter Milk Gingerbread

holiday baking

Thinking about doing some holiday baking? Like preparing some muffins, gingerbread and the like? If yes is your answer, then, use buttermilk as it is one of the secret ingredients. It will give you a rich flavor but lower amount of calories than cream or whole milk.

Buttermilk that’s organic is not just good for baking but will also make a great base for salad dressings, soups and marinade. Many also use it to coat fish meat or poultry meat before frying or baking...

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