Another Perspective on Making Christmas Special

make Christmas special

Christmas is not far away. Yes, we are just counting days before the formal celebration starts. But, more than the celebration, feelings of compassion for others glow in our lives. People have an inclination to donate toys or money to charities and organizations that are either for the sick, less fortunate children, or for the poor and elderly. However, if we want another perspective in showing compassion, there are other ways. Here are suggestions on how to make Christmas special this year.

The purchase of gifts in large quantities are very popular during the Christmas season. Show compassion by patronizing the products of local craftsmen instead. If we patronize local products, and those made by small time businessmen, we are already helping them and their families have a decent Christmas celebration.

It is not a secret that large companies gain huge profits during this period of time, while there are some businesses that struggle for a living. You can find many online shops that sell products such as handmade gifts, Christmas decorations or ornaments, etc. These online shops are owned by small time businessmen who just want to earn if not a lot, at least, something that will see them through the season and after that.

The environment will also benefit from your compassion. Make it a point to be eco-friendy this Christmas season. How? Well, consider buying recycled or eco-friendly ornaments. If you’ve seen the Tagua Nut tree ornaments will make for a perfect Christmas decoration. You can also opt to make recycled ornaments, they are cheaper and you’ll do yourself a favor by it. Here are some ways you can go about it:

  • A large clean sheet of aluminum foil. Color it with permanent markers of different colors. Then after doing that, you can crumple the foil so that it will turn into bright and colorful balls. You can also roll them into spiral or star shapes or any shape you prefer.
  • If you have old Christmas cards or colorful magazines, you can glue them to the top of the lid of clean metal or plastic jars. You can decorate the edges with yarn, lace or fabric.
  • Gemstones can also be glued onto used CD’s. They can be hung on doors when you glue a ribbon or string on it’s back.

Let’s make Christmas more purposeful by these suggestions on how to make Christmas special.

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