Famous Christmas Personalities – Santa Claus

famous Christmas personalities

One of the most famous Christmas personalities is the guy with the white beard and red clothes, well, that’s Santa Claus. Since he’s very popular then it’s impossible for us to not be curious and ask him some questions. One of our friends, helped us ask it, and, guess what? Well, he didn’t say no, but limited it to three questions only. Get to know him in this short interview.

Question 1: Historians have many things to say about where you come from or what your origins are. Can you clarify this?

First, historians tend to look backwards al the time. Well, sometimes, I think that’s not the way to understanding and finding the truth. Well I do have a birthday and lots of it, if that’s what you’re asking, and all of those are true. But to make things clearer for everyone I was born in 701 AD. As for my birthplace, it’s contrary to what most believe that I was born in the North Pole, because the truth is that I was born in Central Africa (with a big smile on his face).”

Question 2: Your ability to travel the whole world and deliver all those gifts to millions of children is one reason why you’re named as one of the famous Christmas personalities. But, how do you do it exactly? Especially that you only have two days to deliver gifts to everyone in your list.

“Well, well, well! Scientists will tell you that it’s not possible, but it is! Why do I say that it’s possible? Because I do it every year. If someone refuses to believe it because he’s narrow-minded then there’s nothing I can do about it. My reindeers will gladly usher them to what they know, they have seen the impossible so it’s not hard to do. And, oh, I just want to say that I love every moment of it.”

“Also, I’d like to tell you about the Quantime Chimney Descent Theory. It worked out for me in 820 AD but a year later I discovered what we call the Time Corridors but I didn’t stop there, I developed the Time Corridor Interweaving. I put the first theory and the latest one I developed into practice and now that’s how we deliver all of those gifts on time for every child on my list.”

Question 3: Kids adore you and love to leave something for you like those glasses of sherry and mince pies. Do you actually eat them?

“Oh the sweet things those adorable kids do for me. But, I think they ought to know that their moms and dads drink the sherry because I really don’t drink the stuff. Mince pies are delicious and good for me, I eat a lot of it when in Australia. But of course, a million mince pies can’t fit in my stomach no matter how big it is.”

We really hope this interview has answered some of the pressing questions we all have for one of the famous Christmas personalities, Santa Claus. Cheers to him!

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