Giving Gifts for the Boss this Christmas Season

gifts for the boss

It’s difficult to buy gifts for the boss. First because you might be delivering the wrong message to the people around you and they might see you as someone who wants to gain favor from one’s superiors. When can we give gifts to the boss then? Well, one thing is sure though, Christmas is one of the best times to give gifts to your superiors. Let’s take a look at some tips when giving gifts for the boss this Christmas.

You can avoid any controversies when you give a gift together with your workmates. If you have a boss who supervises just a small group then talk to your fellow teammates about it. This gift will be seen as a gesture of appreciation instead of an attempt to gain favor. The next thing you have to think about is how much your budget is. This is something that’s very important to consider whether you’re doing it personally or with your workmates. But presuming that you’re giving gifts for the boss as a team, you should agree first on the amount of the gift and then divide that amount into the number of people in your team. For example, you want to buy a gift that’s worth $200 and there are only 10 people in your team, collect $20 from each of them.

Now, the moment you have collected from your workmates and you’re set to go out shopping for gifts for the boss this Christmas season, don’t forget to stick to the amount that you have collected. Buy something that’s within the budget, don’t spend more than what you have, because it would be very inappropriate to ask for an additional contribution from your workmates, that’s not just an additional strain on your wallet but also on theirs, you must consider that they also have other financial obligations during this season like you; however, if the budget is $200 and the total amount of the gift is $201.50, plus the tax, maybe you can just pay for it yourself especially if you think that the gift is worth it. If you didn’t consume the whole amount, refund by equally dividing the remainder of the money to everyone on the team.

If you’re not so sure of what you’re supposed to give to your boss, because you are not that close to him. Don’t hesitate to ask help in buying gifts for the boss from someone who knows him better. These people can give you insights on what your boss is interested in. You’ll just be wasting money if you got the wrong gift, wrong because your boss isn’t interested in it. We always want people to appreciate what we give, the same applies when giving gifts for the boss. You can also choose to give a certificate for a local restaurant instead, well, not really that special though but it can be a last resort when you have nothing in mind.

There you have it! Have a merry Christmas shopping for gifts for the boss.

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