The Different Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

last minute Christmas shoppers

Are you among the people who do most of their preparations including that of Christmas on the last minute? If you are, then you know that malls and lots of shopping centers are really filled with people. Yes, last minute Christmas shoppers like yourself. Christmas is without a doubt the busiest time of the year – buying gifts, food preparations, traveling, everything just gets so busy. There have been so many attempts to do Christmas shopping early, but one tends to be caught up with lots of other things to do during the year that Christmas preparations are postponed until the last minute. It’s either because of the necessity or out of the excitement of the Christmas hustle and bustle.

Let’s get to know who the last minute Christmas shoppers are. First, we have the necessity shoppers. They are the ones who do last minute Christmas shopping because of necessity. College students who are so busy with class are under this category. Class schedules like final exams that happen during the mid-week of December makes shopping the last thing in their mind, also, some students don’t have access to a car that makes it more complicated. That’s why, we usually see them rushing to get some Christmas goods during the last minute just after their final exams.

The other kind of last minute Christmas shoppers are the procrastinators. “I’ll do that tomorrow”, “That can wait tomorrow”, and “I’ll have time for that later”. Born procrastinators love the word “tomorrow” and “later” it’s just such a sweet, sweet word for them. Well, the majority loves these words, that’s because we all can actually fit into this category. Procrastinators are aware that Christmas is fast approaching but they won’t start doing their shopping duties until the last minute. Maybe because joining the Christmas frenzy is something that really excites them.

Finally, we have the challenged shoppers. They are not procrastinators nor do they shop because of necessity. They shop during the last minute because that’s the time they feel most challenged to do the activity. These last minute Christmas shoppers are still confident that even with the short span time given to them, they can still perfect their duties – finding Christmas gifts for everyone on the Christmas list, buying the needed ingredients for food preparations, anything that needs to be done for Christmas, they do it on the last minute. The challenged shoppers are those who love the feeling of doing stuff with the large crowd.

What category do you belong to? Well, just laugh it out loud if you see yourself mentioned here.

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