Make Christmas Better for the Less Privileged

make Christmas better for the less privileged

Everyone’s getting excited and prepping up for Christmas. There’s something with this holiday that makes almost everything beautiful. Just imagine what it would be like if Christmas was an event we celebrated everyday? Maybe, the world would be a better place to live in, right? However, even though this is true, there are also people who are not having a taste of how wonderful the season is. Some kids may be preparing a plate of goodies and a glass of milk , but other kids are not experiencing this. The same is true for other adults, like the elderly. How do we make Christmas better for the less privileged?

I bet you have heard about children suffering from the hospital bed near you. Children who are sick on the most wonderful time of the year should move us to do something, maybe, if not for everyone, at least to a couple of them. How? You can actually share with them whatever you made for Christmas, like, if you baked cookies for example, place them in cute paper bags and give them as gifts for some of the kids in the hospital.

Next, there are also some people who are victims of torture and abuse. There are charities out there who take care and support this victims and for them to continue they are collecting donations from people who have the desire to help. Christmas is a time for these people to receive something special and you can make it possible by choosing a charity and then forward to them what you have. Take note that this charities don’t always need money, some accept toys, clothes, etc. Well, let’s be honest, this things will never be enough, but what will? What’s important is that, at least, you have given them the message that you care and want to ease out some of the pain even just for Christmas.

If the two suggestions above on how to make Christmas better for the less privileged is something you don’t like to do, you can also do something fun for some people in your neighborhood. You could pick kids or some of the hungry people to join a simple Christmas party you organized. Not everyone have the means to buy even the simplest kind of loaf bread for Christmas. If you could spare some money for a simple celebration, you’ll not only put a smile on their faces, you’ll also make your heart overflow with thanksgiving and gladness. The saying “It’s better to give than receive” is true in so many ways, but you have to experience it yourself.

There are still other things to do to make Christmas better for the less privileged. Why not think about it this time instead of focusing so much on one’s self and what would make us happy. Say a prayer of thanksgiving and consider how blessed you still are.

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