Answers to Questions about Santa Claus

questions about Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a very famous Christmas personality so here we are with some answers to questions about Santa Claus. 

Why the name Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas had a Dutch name called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas was famous for being generous to the less fortunate. Now, Dutch immigrants who moved to America brought Sinterklaas to New Amsterdam and there was merged with who they call as Father Christmas. Later on, Sinterklaas was changed into Santa Claus by the Americans.

Where does Santa Claus really hail from?

St. Nicholas was born around 275 AD in a place called Patara. Contrary to what others think, Patara is not the place where you can find anyone wearing thick fur coats, which Santa Claus is known for. Patara is in present day Turkey, in the Southern Mediterranean Coast. Nowadays, this place is a tourist area for foreigners spending the time sun bathing. Now you know what I mean by no fur coats.

Where to go if you want to find Santa Claus?

A trip to the North Pole is an enjoyable one but if you wanted to really honor the jolly old St. Nicholas then it’s best to head to Italy. It is in Italy that the remains of St. Nicholas are found. They are in the St. Nicola basilica, the city of Bari. It’s been there since the 11th century after being borrowed from Myra in Turkey, the place the remains were formerly laid.

How can reindeers fly?

This tale, according to many people, came from Lapland which is in Finland. In that place, they say, the reindeers have a habit of eating amanita mushrooms. These mushrooms are hallucinogenic and because of it they would go prancing all around. Now, just imagine that tha prancing led to flying. Better seek out those mushrooms now but don’t get too high!

Where does Santa Claus get his outfits?

Coca-cola gave Santa Claus the image he is famous for today. But, aside from that, we can see that . They also say that the Shamans in Northern Europe liked to be dressed in red and white trimmed coats of fur and the black boots. They used his outfit when they were out to collect the same mushroom that the reindeers loved to eat that caused them to prance around. But, it’s not quite that Santa Claus really wore this outfit especially because he lived in sunny south Turkey.

Who was the first one to create Santa Claus’s modern image?

The modern image of Santa Claus was created by Coca-cola by the gifted artist, Haddon Sundblom, he was an American of Swedish origin. The image they made up was a huge hit in the 30’s. But, although it was through Coca-cola that Santa Claus’s image was standardized, they weren’t the first beverage company to make him part of their advertisments. But, the only thing is that these companies made Santa wear clothes of different colors. Interesting right?

Hope we shed some light on some of the pressing questions about Santa Claus. May the holidays bring good cheer upon you all!!!

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