Reduce Weight on the Most Challenging Season

reduce weight

For dieters, the most challenging time to reduce weight is Christmas. Raise your hands if you’re one of those struggling. I bet you’re smiling right now. But, hey, I’ve got good news, not all people gain weight too much; however, there’s bad news too, weight gain during the season can turn to be a gift that you don’t want but can’t be returned.

The Health and Medical University of South Carolina conducted a research wherein it was found out that 85% of the 195 people involved retained the weight they gained after a year. This means that, if a person gains 2lbs every Christmas season, after five years, that person will have gained 10lbs and, mind you, that’s just for the Christmas season. Furthermore, the obese and overweight gained more compared to the other participants.

All of this sounds terrifying! The first thing you might want to do is lock yourself in a room and have nothing to do with all the Christmas festivities – DON’T! You can still enjoy in a reasonable and healthy way by following some of these tips we have:

  • If you want to reduce weight, indulge in fruits and vegetables before any holiday goodies. When it comes to the “glow” foods, it is advisable that you have five servings of it a day. Foods belonging to this group contain fewer calories but have lots of fiber that will make you feel full.
  • Say “yes” to one piece of cookie or cake, maybe once or twice a week, but “no” to anything beyond that amount. Stick to your limit.
  • The amount of food you eat should be tantamount to your exercise so you can burn down those calories. If you give into a craving, you have to cut down also on some of your food.
  • Be good to yourself – exercise! Always allot time for exercise as early as now, don’t wait for the Christmas season to be over. Don’t let anything come between you and your exercise schedule. Just as food is vital to our body’s health, exercise is the same.
  • You may enjoy cooking and baking but limit your time in the kitchen if you really want to reduce weight. If you really can’t help it, try baking healthy goodies instead.
  • Don’t overeat! Well, I think that’s very understandable, but overlooked most of the time! Stop making excuses and reasons to cheat. 
  • Don’t stress yourself too much. Overeating is usually attributed to stress. So, in order to avoid being stressed, don’t commit yourself to so many events, learn to say no at times.
  • When you’re at a party, you’ll do yourself  a favor by going to the back of the line. Don’t hit the food table first, give way to others, so that by the time it’s your turn to put food on the plate, most of the unhealthy foods have already been eliminated. This helps in overcoming the temptation to overeat, leading you to reduce weight at the same time.

If the aim is to reduce weight, it’s still possible even with the coming holidays. Let’s all welcome Christmas with determination and we’ll definitely succeed.

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