The True Meaning of Christmas for a True Celebration

true meaning of Christmas

Christmas has lost some of its touch already because people have shifted from the true meaning of Christmas to something that’s shallow. Today it has turned out to be more of the hustles and bustles, like everyone is just keeping up with a hectic schedule instead of embracing the real reason why we have this lovely season to enjoy. Depression, anger, domestic violence and suicide are some of the emotional difficulties that many people face during this period. But we don’t have to, if only we understand what the problem is and then embrace the solution – know what the celebration is all about and make it worthwhile.

Whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ, it’s hard to take out the truth that Christmas is about His birth. Jesus Christ is a symbol of hope, peace, love, light and peace – everything that He symbolizes brings forth the joy of the season especially for those who hold on to its truth. But, it’s not just about the joy but there’s also the giving aspect that shouldn’t be left out because it makes it the complete package. The true meaning of Christmas, that is.

A lot can be said about the joy that Christmas brings, but let’s talk about the giving aspect. We embrace the real meaning, the true meaning of Christmas by our willingness to give. This speaks of our willingness to give our love, our time, our possessions and ourselves. The giving of gifts must not be seen as a 0bligation, but it should reflect your love for the people you’re giving to.

Kids are especially good at showing this. I bet everyone can attest that kids are so carefree about what they give, it could be as simple as a Christmas card with a drawing but whatever they put their time, effort and skill on is for the sake of showing that they love the person they’re giving it to. They simply don’t worry about the monetary value of their gift item, it’s last or not even on the list of the things they have to think about, nor do they think that what they’re doing is a waste of time.

Now, of course, it’s easy to give when the persons you’re giving to are dear to your heart. But, have you ever tried giving to people who are not part of the immediate circle of your world? There are organizations that can do it for you just by giving your donation. But, this Christmas, give that spirit of yours a boost by being more hands-on. There are schools, churches and organizations that can give you a list of opportunities your help will be most available. When you’re more hands-on, it will make you connected to those who are in need in a special way you alone can understand. 

Find the true meaning of Christmas by embracing the reason it’s celebrated.

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