Tips to Enjoy the Holidays with Less Distractions

tips to enjoy the holidays

If you’ve been spending a lot of time working hard, then it’s safe to say that you definitely need a break. Some people who have their businesses are people who don’t usually take days off from work, nor do they say yes to a holiday.

Owning a business has its advantages but if you’ve just started one recently, say, five years, it can still take up your time because you want to be hands-on with it. There’s this small voice whispering in your ear that you deserve a vacation but another telling you how you can afford to go on the beach while your customers might be waiting for your service. Here are some tips to enjoy the holidays even if you have your own business.

  • First, inform your beloved customers ahead of time if you have any plans to close shop for the holidays. This is one of the familiar tips to enjoy the holidays. If you’re not closing shop but will have someone take over for a while, it’s also best that you tell your customers who will be in-charge when you’re away.
  • Schedule your trip on day(s) or month(s) where your business isn’t so in demand. You do know that there are months where your business will be quieter so these are the best times to schedule that break.
  • Now, you can’t tell everyone personally or inform them so the best way to tell them you’re away is by changing the message on your answering machine. Someone will definitely call so it’s best they get the right information about why you’re not picking up using your message for the first time.
  • An email autoresponder will prove to be a very important tool especially if you have an Internet business. People will most likely send you emails and if you’re on a holiday, the last thing you’d like to do is check on your email and stress over things that shouldn’t be interfering with your holiday. So with autoresponders you can just compose a message that will be sent automatically to emails sent to you.
  • You should think about how long you’re willing to be away and you should be able to calculate the risk of it. However, the most ideal time that most people who own businesses are from 1 to 2 weeks only. You can still take another 1-week vacation next year, if that’s what you’re worried about.
  • In the first of the tips to enjoy the holidays we talked about someone taking your place, and that’s actually one of the important things to consider. He or she should know your business well, so the person who would qualify would be one of your staff members.

I hope that you plan that trip well with these tips to enjoy the holidays. Have a blast!

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